5 most important things about your medical treatment

Seek treatment as soon as possible after the injury. Delayed treatment can affect your case. Follow up with your providers and do what they tell you to do. If they request imaging or therapy, do it. Not being compliant with your treatment plan can affect your recovery and your case. Be honest about your injuries.…
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Illinois Employment Rights

Illinois is widely considered to be an “employee-friendly” state. Working people in Illinois enjoy a wide array of protections. Unfortunately, many workers are unaware of the protection afforded them by Illinois law. Illinois prohibits employment discrimination based on Sex; Age (40 years of age or older); Race; Color; Religion; Arrest record; Marital status; Sexual orientation;…
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Plaintiff lawyers hate phony lawsuits more than anyone! (read why below)

There is an idea out there that lawyers love all lawsuits. The truth is that frivolous lawsuits hurt the legal system, lawyers and honest people. A client who is not legitimately injured costs his lawyer both credibility and money. Lawsuits require financial investment and work hours from the lawyers. Any lawyer who finds out his…
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